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Trick-or-Treat! Halloween in the United States

Witch  children with pumpkin lantern. .

Trick-or-Treat! Halloween in the United States

Halloween is a sometimes scary, often lighthearted holiday celebrated by many Americans each October 31. Halloween festivities include carving pumpkins with silly or scary faces, visiting or running through haunted houses, trekking through corn mazes, competing in costume contests, attending spooky parties, and of course, trick-or-treating. Kids dress up each Halloween in costumes ranging from sweet and pretty like angels, pop stars, and elves to scary and strange like ghosts, devils, and werewolves. They hurry out as soon as the sun has set and night has fallen to trick-or-treat, meaning move from house-to-house asking for candy. A common slang saying is “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” Children recite this rhyme, or simply say “Trick or treat!” when asking for candy from neighbors.

Halloween is celebrated by many but it is not observed as an official holiday. Kids still attend school, and adults still go to work. Still, after school and work, many enjoy decorating their houses with fake cobwebs, ghosts, string lights, witches and wizards, and tombstones and rats. Fake skeletons hang from trees and creepy music can be heard playing from many windows on the night of October 31.

Useful Expressions:

Festivity: a festive celebration or occasion

Haunted house: house decorated with scary objects and actors to entertain visitors

Corn maze: maze through corn designed for visitors to weave through, searching for the exit

Trick-or-treat: common saying and activity for children during Halloween

Words & Phrases
*festive adj.お祝いの => n. festivity 祝祭、お祝い騒ぎ
*carve v.彫る
*haunt v.(幽霊などが)出没する
*trek v.骨の折れる旅行をする
*maze n.迷路
*spooky n.お化けの出そうな => a spooky house お化け屋敷
*elf n.妖精 (複数形は、elves)
*werewolf n.おおかみ人間
*ask for v.求める
*cobweb n.くもの巣
*witch n.魔女
*weave v. 縫うように進む
*creepy adj.身の毛がよだつ