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Wining and Dining in Italy

Glasses of red and white wine, served with grapes and cheese

Wining and Dining in Italy

Italy is known for a wide variety of things. There are the beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean, the rolling hills of Umbria, and numerous churches and monuments to take your breath away. Most of all, perhaps, Italy is known for its food and drink. If you’re looking to wine and dine, Italy is the place to be. There’s spaghetti, ravioli, pizza, gelato, homemade breads and tiramisu, ricotta and pecorino cheeses, truffle oil, and countless other specialties. Maybe even more popular than the food is the wine.

Italy is famous for having the most delicious wines in the world, and it is also the largest producer (though France comes in a close second). This makes perfect sense—Italians have been making wine for over 2,800 years! Winemaking is considered an art, and wine-tasting is considered a very valid hobby. Some people, known as sommeliers, even work as professional wine tasters and recommenders.

Although the United States is only the fourth largest wine producer in the world, it’s the third largest consumer of wine. On average, Americans drink over 3 billion bottles per year! That’s a lot of vino. Compared to Italians, though, we hardly drink at all. For every bottle an American drinks, an Italian downs almost three!

Useful Expressions

Take your breath away: amaze you (so much you cannot breathe)
Ravioli: type of Italian stuffed pasta
Gelato: “ice cream” created in the Italian style
Tiramisu: coffee-flavored Italian dessert made with lady fingers and whipped mascarpone cheese
Sommelier: professional wine taster and recommender
Vino: “Wine” in Italian

Words & Phrases

*Mediterranean adj.地中海の
*rolling adj.土地がゆるやかに起伏している
=> rolling hills 緩やかに波打っている丘
*look to ~の方を向く、関心を向ける
*countless adj.数えきれないほどの
*valid adj.正当な、妥当な
*flavor n.味(風味)をつける
*lady fingers n.指形のカステラ風の菓子
*whip v.(卵など)かき混ぜて泡立たせる => 元の意味は、「むちで打つ」
*mascarpone n.イタリアのクリームチーズ
*down v.飲み干す