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Health Benefits of Pumpkin


Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Fall has come. Also known as autumn, this season is marked by cooler weather, light breezes, and the shedding of trees’ leaves. Trees once bright and green in spring become withered and gray as they lose their leaves in gorgeous color bursts of browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. When it gets too cool outside, there’s nothing like a nice bowl of soup to warm you back up. One of my favorite soups for the fall season is pumpkin soup. Whereas most Americans chow down on pumpkin pie, I find that pumpkin soup is even more delicious. Like pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup can be sweet, with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Others prefer to make it savory with spices like cumin and black pepper. Personally, I prefer a savory pumpkin soup complete with roasted pumpkin seeds on top and swirls of sautéed carrots and kale. Pumpkin soup is a hidden culinary gem, and it’s good for you too!

Although many stick to pumpkin pie or carving their pumpkins into Halloween jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin has many health benefits as well. For one, pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A which keeps your eyesight sharp. Pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, have been shown to lower bad cholesterol. Perhaps most amazing, pumpkins contain an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which could possibly work to prevent cancer in humans. Sure pumpkin soup is tasty, but these are some great reasons to go make it! Let’s cook.

Useful Expressions
*Color burst: impressive image of vivid colors
*Warm you back up: to warm you again, meaning you were warm inside, went outside and became cold, and now need to become warm again– Pumpkin soup will warm you back up!
*Savory: salty or spicy rather than sweet
*Sautéed: lightly fried in oil
*Hidden gem: something that is outstanding and amazing but not popular or well-known
*Jack-o-lantern: carved pumpkin during Halloween with a candle inside
*Antioxidant: substance that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in humans
*Go make it: to go to the grocery store or kitchen to make pumpkin. It is a casual way of saying “Let’s make pumpkin soup now,” similar to “Let’s go!”

Words & Phrases
*breeze n.そよ風
*shed v.(葉を)落とす、(動物の毛が)生えかわる、(涙・血)流す
*wither v.(植物)しおれる、枯れる
*chow down v.(米口語)食べる
*nutmeg n.ナツメグ
*cumin n.クミンの実
*swirl n.渦巻き (本文ではかき混ぜる事を指す) v.渦を巻く
*kale n.ケール
*culinary adj.料理の
*gem n.宝石
*stick to v.(考えが)固執する、元の意味は、「突き刺す」
*eyesight n.視力


カボチャと言えば多くの人がパンプキンパイやハロウィーンでくり抜いて作る提灯ばかり思い浮かべますが、カボチャには健康を助ける多くの働きもあります。一つには、カボチャは多くのビタミンAを含んでいて、視力を衰えから守ります。他方、カボチャの種は悪玉コレステロールを下げる効果があることが分かっています。おそらくもっとも驚くべきなのは、カボチャにはベータカロチンという抗酸化剤が含まれていることで、これはおそらく多くの人のガンを予防する働きがあるでしょう。カボチャスープがとてもおいしいのは間違いありませんが、でも、ほかにも素晴らしい理由があって作るのです! さあ、カボチャスープを作りましょう。