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Autumnal Colors

Blue Ridge Mountains in Autumn

Autumnal Colors

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a route famous for its gorgeous, glorious fall colors. It is so popular that offers a “Fall Colors Tracker,” notifying potential visitors of days with the best fall foliage displays. Numerous tourists enjoy driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway simply for the changing flora as autumn sweeps by.

The Blue Ridge Parkway stretches from North Carolina to Virginia over a distance of 469 miles. Because the Parkway’s elevation can vary from a low of 650 feet above sea level to 6,000 feet near Mt. Pisgah, finding the perfect spot depends on a wide range of circumstances. You need the weather to be right, for sleet and snow to not ruin leaves, for rain to energize the leaves just enough, and for balmy weather to slowly change to cool weather just in time. You also need to be at the right altitude for the most brilliant colors—not too high, not too low.

This may sound frustrating or like I’m overanalyzing, but one of the greatest joys of the Blue Ridge Parkway is driving along it with no destination in mind, simply enjoying whatever views you stumble across. There are numerous places to pull over and enjoy the scenery, so bring a camera and your hiking boots!

Useful Expressions
*Autumnal: referring to the autumn / fall season
*Foliage: plant leaves
*Flora: plants of a particular region
*Sweep by: pass by in time, occur (casual)
*Stretch: span the length of something
*Sleet: a mixture of ice and rain
*Altitude: height (formal)
*With no destination in mind: with no concern as to where one is going, to enjoy the journey

Words & Phrases
*gorgeous 豪華な
*glorious 見事な
*elevation 高さ、海抜
*energize 活気づける
*balmy さわやかな
*stumble across 偶然出会う
*pull over 車を脇に寄せる

ブルーリッジ・パークウェイは、華麗な輝くように美しい紅葉で名高い道路です。とても人気があるので、 では 「紅葉表示板」 を用意して、そこに行ってみようと考えている人々に、紅葉の一番の見ごろとなる日を知らせています。多くの観光客が、足早に過ぎゆく秋の木々のうつろいを楽しみたいとの思いだけに駆られて、ブルーリッジ・パークウェイを車で走り抜けるのです。