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少人数制発信特化型英語講座 では、日本の英語学習者が不得意とする「情報発信力」に特化したプログラムを開発・提供しています。


Teacher and Writer

Name Profile
[English Teacher] Chris Link has been teaching English for the last four years in Japan and China. He’s originally from Florida and had also lived in Kentucky and North Carolina. He is a freelance English teacher and currently works for a college and a Japanese multinational corporation which focuses on water treatment and environmental management. He graduated from Florida State College at Jacksonville with degrees in Information Technology and General Studies.
Marielle Therese Abanilla
[Online English Teacher] Marielle Therese Abanilla is the Assistant director and English teacher of She majored in Advertising Arts and graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in España, Manila. She worked for other companies as a Graphic designer, Visual merchandiser, Fashion stylist, and as an Online English teacher for Japanese. With her passion, dedication, knowledge, skills and experience in teaching English, she manages to take part in Her role is to assist in creating effective English learning materials and teach the language to help Japanese learners to improve on their English.


Name Profile
Choichi Suda
[Director] Choichi Suda is the chief editor of He is the founder of Global E-Network Co.Ltd. He has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Science University of Tokyo and Master of Business Administration(MBA) at Bond University.

He learned English technical writing in two universities. He also works as a System engineer. He created the facebook page,やり直しの英会話学習サークル/TOEIC , that is a well-known page for English learners in Japan. He is researching effective ways of English learning in Japan. His goal is to bring a different approach to English learning wherever they are, that will be helpful and fun for the students.